Gold Oak Jewelry Box

  • Gold Oak Jewelry Box

Gold Oak Jewelry Box

A trip to the quirky museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris led to this piece. The excavated grain there inspired the scoring, texturizing and wash of gold mica powder here. The box is made of white oak and has a removable sliding drawer. Both the box and the drawer are lined with a rich, caramel colored leather. The handle is inlaid brass. Sleek, modern and androgynous, this is a beautiful object and would make a memorable gift.

Price: $800

An iteration of this box is available without the leather lining or drawer and with a walnut bottom. Price: $700

In stock.  For ordering and shipping information contact me via email

White Oak, Black Walnut, Brass, bronze pins, mica powder
9 ½ inches long x 7 inches deep x 3 inches high